Content of the Registered Papers, 1818 – 1833

The Chief Secretary’s Office Registered Papers (CSORP) consist of official government material relating to all aspects of the administration of Ireland, alongside unofficial correspondence from private individuals and organisations across Ireland. The papers cover a wide variety of topics – from matters of national importance to local issues or personal plights. The registered papers, therefore, are much more than the ‘official’ records of government - they offer a unique window into Irish society in the nineteenth century.

While no summary could possibly delve into all topics, the following document explores the main themes under the headings of Law and Order, Health and Poverty, Religion, Education, Public Infrastructure, State Bodies, Regulation and Promotion of Commerce, Patronage, Pensions and Charity.1

The document combines academic secondary sources alongside links to relevant, exemplary documents in the collection and it is hoped will be a useful point of reference for researchers - Content of the Registered Papers (1818-1833) pdf.

  • 1 Separate Historical Commentaries were created for the years 1818-1822. Following review it was decided to structure this contextual information thematically rather than by CSORP year. The Historical Commentaries 1818-1822 were incorporated into the subsequent document Content of the Registered Papers (1818-1833).